Roster - Best Sydeny Brothel

March, Monday

(J)Miki Daytime 60kg 163cm Ccup Premium / Diamond picture
(J)Saya Daytime 50kg 160cm Ccup Diamond Only !! NEW !! picture

(K)Lily Evening 48kg 168cm Acup Diamond Only picture
(K)Camilia Evening 48kg 165cm Ccup Diamond Only picture
(K)Mona Evening 50kg 165cm Dcup Diamond Only picture

(C)Kitty Daytime and Evening 40kg 153cm Bcup Premium / Diamond picture
(C)Dani Daytime and Evening 42kg 157cm Bcup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture
(C)Amanda Daytime and Evening 55kg 168cm Ccup Standard / Premium / Diamond
(C)Cici Daytime and Evening40kg 163cm Bcup Standard / Premium NEW!! picture
(C)Coco Daytime and Evening 46kg 160cm Dcup Diamond Only picture
(C)Helen Daytime and Evening 40kg 160cm Bcup Premium / Diamond picture
(C)Paris Daytime and Evening 42kg 168cm Acup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture
(C)Habe Evening 50kg 162cm Dcup Standard / Premium / Diamond
(C)EE Evening 43kg 163cm Bcup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture
(C)Bella Evening 48kg 168cm Bcup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture

(T)Christy Daytime47kg 158cm Bcup Standard picture
(T)June Daytime and Evening 40kg 153cm Bcup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture

(Kiwi)Karmen Daytime and Evening 48kg 163cm Dcup Western Service picture
(Aussie)Katie Evening 44kg 165cm Bcup Western Service
(Aussie)Hailey Evening50kg 170cm Bcup Western Service picture
(Aussie)Gemma Evening 48kg 163cm Bcup Western Service picture