Roster - Best Sydeny Brothel

19th November, Monday

(J)Sakura Daytime SHES BACK ! Popular!!!!! DIAMOND!! picture
(J)Haru Daytime SHES BACK ! Sexy body!!! DIAMOND!! picture
(J)Rina Daytime She is back ! So young so cute !!! DIAMOND!!

(K)Lily Evening Sexy!! Tall Leggy!!! Legendary!! DIAMOND!! picture

(C)Lillian Daytime and Evening NEW NEW! picture
(C)Judy Daytime SHES BACK!! DIAMOND! picture
(C)Win Daytime SHES BACK! Tall Sexy!! DIAMOND! picture
(C)Bella Daytime and Evening SHES BACK! Sexy Busty!! DIAMOND!! picture
(C)Jessica Daytime and Evening NEW NEW! Slim Pretty !! DIAMOND!! picture
(C)Coco Daytime and Evening SHES BACK!!Superstar !! Legendary DIAMOND!! picture
(C)Paris Daytime and Evening Slim Pretty !! DIAMOND!! picture
(C)Summer Daytime and Evening HOT ! YOUNG! BUSTY! DIAMOND! picture
(C)Miranda Daytime and Evening SHES BACK!! Sexy ! Busty!! DIAMOND!! picture
(C)Kiki Daytime and Evening SHES BACK!! Sexy ! SUPERSTAR! DIAMOND!! picture
(C)EE Evening SHES Back !! Young and So Cutee ! DIAMOND! picture
(C)Cici Evening SHES Back !! Young and Busty!! ! DIAMOND! picture