Roster - Best Sydney Brothel

20/11/19 Wednesday

(Japanese) Ichika Daytime 47kg 162cm Acup Diamond Only ! (260/hr) picture
(Japanese) Emma Daytime and Evening43kg 160cm Bcup Diamond Only picture (300/hr) 4pm – 12am BOOK NOW!! LIMITED SPOTS!
(Japanese) Saya Daytime and Evening50kg 160cm Ccup Diamond Only ! (260/hr) picture
(Japanese) Mio Daytime and Evening 40kg 152cm Bcup Diamond Only !! (250/hr) picture
(Japanese) Ai Daytime and Evening 58kg 160cm Dcup Diamond Only (250/hr)

(Japanese) Mika Evening 45kg 160cm Bcup Premium / Diamond

(Korean) Kay Daytime54kg 167cm Dcup Premium / Diamond picture
(Korean) Lily Evening 49kg 172cm Acup Diamond only picture
(Korean) Camilla Evening 48kg 165cm Ccup Diamond Only picture

(Chinese) Cindy Daytime and Evening 44kg 164cm BCup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture
(Chinese) Miu Miu Daytime and Evening 48kg 155cm Bcup Standard /Premium / Diamond
(Chinese) Jojo Daytime and Evening 43kg 155cm Bcup Standard /Premium / Diamond picture
(Chinese) Vivi Daytime and Evening45kg 161cm Ccup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture
(Chinese) Angela Daytime and Evening 40kg 152cm BCup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture

(Chinese) EE Daytime and Evening 45kg 162cm BCup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture
(Chinese) Chanel Daytime and Evening 50kg 168cm Ccup Diamond Only picture

(Chinese) Yoko Daytime and Evening 47kg 160cm Ccup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture
(Chinese) Orange Daytime and Evening 49kg 167cm Ccup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture
(Chinese) Lulu Daytime and Evening 46kg 162cm Bcup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture
(Chinese) Hebe Evening 50kg 165cm Dcup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture
(Chinese) Stella Evening New New New!! Call for more information!!

(Vietnamese) Nicole Daytime and Evening 47kg 163cm Bcup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture
(Thai) June Daytime and Evening42kg 157cm Acup Standard /Premium / Diamond picture
(Filipino) Lara Daytime 45kg 160cm Ccup Standard

(Indonesian) Angel Evening 50kg 163cm Ccup Premium / Diamond picture
(Indonesian) Meldi Evening 55kg 157cm Bcup Premium / Diamond picture
(Indonesian) Felly Evening 54kg 167cm Bcup Premium / Diamond picture

(Australian) Harper Daytime and Evening 58kg 166cm Dcup Western Style Service picture
(Spanish) Valentina Daytime and Evening44kg 155cm Ccup Western Service picture
(Spanish) Isabella Daytime and Evening55kg 165cm Dcup Western Service
(New Zealander) Karmen Evening 48kg 164cm Dcup Western Service picture