Roster - Best Sydney Brothel

24rd May, Friday

(J)Jessica Ishihara 石原ジェシカ Daytime and Evening REAL JAV PORNSTAR BOOK NOW!!! picture (350/hr) LAST FEW DAYS!!!
(J)Sena Daytime and Evening 40kg 158cm Bcup Diamond Only picture (260/hr)
(J)AyuEvening 42kg 157cm Bcup picture Diamond Only picture (260/hr)
(J)Kei Daytime and Evening 42kg 152cm Acup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture
(J)Miki Daytime and Evening 55kg 164cm Bcup Premium / Diamond picture
(J)Mio Daytime and Evening 40kg 152cm Bcup Diamond Only picture (250/hr)

(K)Suzie Daytime and Evening 50kg 164cm Ccup Premium only!
(K)Camilia Evening 48kg 165cm Ccup Diamond Only picture
(K)Rose Evening 50kg 160cm Dcup Premium / Diamond picture

(C)Jessica Daytime 47kg 158cm Ccup Premium / Diamond picture
(C)Judy Daytime 49kg 162cm CcupStandard / Premium / Diamond picture
(C)Emily Daytime 52kg 165cm CcupStandard / Premium / Diamond
(C)Mina Daytime and Evening 47kg 159cm Bcup Premium / Diamond picture
(C)Nancy Daytime and Evening 45kg 158cm Bcup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture
(C)Bella Daytime and Evening 48kg 168cm Dcup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture
(C)Orange Daytime and Evening 50kg 165cm Dcup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture
(C)Hebe Evening 50kg 168cm Dcup Standard /Premium / Diamond
(C)Kiki Evening 40kg 148cm Bcup Diamond Only !! picture
(C)EE Evening 45kg 162cm Bcup Standard /Premium / Diamond picture
(C)Jojo Evening 43kg 155cm Bcup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture

(T)Candy Evening 53kg 170cm Ccup Standard / Premium picture
(T)Jina Evening 51kg 165cm Acup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture
(T)June Evening 47kg 160cm Acup Standard / Premium / Diamond picture

(Aussie)Ellie Daytime 49kg 172cm Acup Western Service
(Aussie)Katie Evening43kg 164cm Bcup Western Service
(Aussie)Hailey Evening 48kg 165cm Bcup Western Service picture
(Aussie)Kendra Daytime and Evening60kg 170cm DDcupWestern Service picture
(Hungary)Grace Daytime and Evening 51kg 169cm Dcup Western Service
(Serbian)Jana Evening 53kg 160cm Ccup Western Service picture
(kiwi)Karmen Evening 60kg 170cm DDcup Western Service picture