After having a bit of a break from punting, all the talk of Gladesville 42 made me curious so I went in for a visit. It seems with the cold/wet weather it was a bit quiet so there was quite a large line up. Of all the girls shown whose name I could remember, the standouts based on looks and friendliness during the intro was Joanna and Sakura. I found Joanna to be the most attractive of the two but decided on Sakura since I wasn’t sure of their English abilities and I can usually build a better rapport with the Japanese girls, my (little) Japanese is better than my non-existant Chinese.
I jumped into the shower and after a short while Sakura entered. There wasn’t really any fun had in the shower so it was onto the bed. Sakura straddled me and gave a hint of a pussy slide while she started a cat bath. She gave an enjoyable cat bath and then moved to BJ. I found her BJ to be really good, nice and wet, I had to concentrate not to blow almost immediately. This continued for a while and then Sakura asked what I wanted. Some girls have a set routine and its just a matter of them going through that routine without much input from you, but Sakura seemed eager to please and more willing to be led. BJ and daty continued until the eventual CIM. After a quick mouth rinse, and cuddle/rest, she asked if I wanted round 2. I eagerly said yes and she started the routine again, less of the cat bath and more ball sucking, Bj. Going from semi to fully erect in her mouth felt great. She asked if I wanted to put the condom on we then started fucking. We went through a variety of positions, Sakura happy to be led by me until the buzzer sounded, being short on time I asked to be finished by hand which she obliged. All in all, it was a good punt. I wouldn’t put Sakura in the superstar category but if she were in a lineup and no one stood out, i’d be happy to see her again.