Services Provided : BBBJ, DATY, 69, GFE, FS


I Was kicking back late one night contemplating the meaning of life (which I deemed to be sex.. more sex.. booze) whilst enjoying a glass of 18 year old Chivas Regal straight and wishing I was enjoying an 21 year old lady of the night, when my wechat feed started buzzing like a Jackhammer being used by 4 working girls with big tits in Lingerie… have you ever seen a Jackhammer being used by 4 working girls with big tits in lingerie?? I haven’t, but I sure wish I did… imagine the bouncy factor!! What followed was a view of a bevy of beauties that had my eyes bouncing as they fed through… N5M had a half a dozen new girls that looked spectacular, then 42G feed started to happen… man, if those girls looked any hotter, my phone would have exploded like a volcanic force of nature (almost like little RBJ was about to do with these pics!!). I had never been to 42G before as it is quite a bit out of my way, so I booked then and there by sending a message via wechat to Gary at 42G asking him to reserve one of the girls for me for a 4am visit. Gary replied sure and he recommended Michelle.

Now, Michelle looks like a tiny little thing that looked very pretty and a couple of the punters here claim that her service is good and she is very tight. Well, thats no problems for me, RBJ is a Mr Average, or slightly less so I messaged Garry back and asked him to book Michelle early the next morning. Forgot to set my alarm, but managed to wake at fuck-knows-when hour in a bit of a panic, checked the time and realised that I had about enough time to shave, dress and leave. Having never been to 42G, whacked in the GPS and was told it would take 40 min to get there from my place… and this was even before sparrowfart in the dead of night! Anyway, finally got to 42G with about 10 minutes up my sleeve and used what seemed like a half tank of petrol as I sped through the empty Sydney streets. I walked in the door, almost got lost as to the size of this place as it was that big! Gary eventually found me wandering the halls like a lost zombie in the dead of night. Pointed to one of the rooms and asked me to wait inside the room. With the door closed behind me, I took a seat and had a look around for my first visit to 42G, I liked what I saw… Then this tiny little slip of a girl opens the door and glides into the room… and I really liked what I saw !!!


Michelle was wearing an off-white dress and a pair of killer heels and I walked up to her and introduced myself. I gently take her hand and I give it my customary light and gentle caress on the back of her hand.. a very tiny hand… this results in a very very girly giggle and a tiny voice that replied that she was very pleased to meet me. Michelle took her heels off and began to undress to show off that she was all woman and she was very nicely proportioned for her size. I gently reach down and caressed her hair away from her face and gently brushed my lips very lightly against hers and I told her that it was a huge pleasure to finally meet her. Michelle smiled and whispered “thank you” and leaned in to continue a bit of light kissing which I ensured never got harder than light, and no LFK/DFK as yet. We finally came up for air and she whispers “Shower baby?”

In the shower, Michelle was very attentive, cleaned RBJ up nicely and looked happily at my Mr Average with a smile… I was wondering how tight she was.. We finished the clean up and I hopped out and grabbed a towel to dry myself as quick as I could.. at 4am, it’s damn freezing when you’re wet! Got myself dried off and heard the shower turn off so I grabbed her towel and held it while she hopped out of the shower as well and wrapped her in it to keep her warm. She smiled and whispered “thank you baby” dried herself off and motioned for me to lay on the bed. As I lay on the bed, I watch this beautiful young girl slowly start kissing an licking my belly-button and moved slowly up to my chest and concentrated a bit on my nipples and then moved up higher to gently kiss and caress my ears. I took this opportunity to very gently cup my hand in her hair and with the back of the other gently caressing her cheek (I find that being gentle has almost never failed me and that the girls really appreciate your efforts) and I ever so slowly and gently draw her face closer to mine and continued to kiss her. Michelle’s eye were very happy and she really got into kissing me back before lowering herself to the other side and kissed her way down my body until she got to RBJ.

Michelle moved to position herself in between my legs and commenced to lick and suck my balls (with a fair amount of pressure I might add) and moved even lower and started a bit of rimming action with her tiny tongue, she continued this for about a minute, then, as I watched, ran her tongue very slowly from my balls up to the very tip and engulfed RBJ in a surprise BJ that felt so great as she wrapped her tiny tongue around the base of the head! Ahhh.. Early morning sex is the best sex! I give Michelle a bit of a tap to attract her attention and asked her to position herself for some 69 to which she readily agreed. I watch as she slowly moves around as she is giving RBJ a great time. Michelle puts her leg over and I can really appreciate just how small she is, however, funnily enough, we had no problem in 69 other than I had to lift my head up a bit more to reach her tiny pussy. I begin to very gently lick around her lips and clit and she begins make little squeaky noises above me. Her pussy is now getting very wet and she cums with the cutest high pitch “Ow ow ow!” and then hops off as she is super sensitive (and I don’t stop…).

Michelle doms me up and I ask her to hop on and ride me CG style! However, I think she was a bit afraid and asked me to hop on in mish, which I readily agreed to. I begin my routine by gently kissing her face and caressing her hair.. I gently cup my hand gently on her cheek (my hand looks fucking huge against her face!!) and I can feel her leaning into it as I kiss her lips. “You are so gentle!!” she says and we look down to RBJ who is like a solid rock at this point and I position myself to fuck her.. what surprised me now was that she was WET! Michelle did not even go for any lube at all and helped guide RBJ in… I have to say that I started to push RBJ in and he wouldn’t even go in… Michelle spread her legs wider and RBJ entered her, just, but he was getting squeezed that hard that I was actually scared that I was going to hurt her! Michelle’s eyes were locked on mine and I continued to kiss and caress her and I could feel RBJ slide into the tightest pussy that I have ever had and as I began to pump very slowly and gently, Michelle began to whimper and say “come on baby!” as I pumped slowly harder and harder. Now, RBJ being a bit below average, could only get about 3/4’s of the way in but Michelle was wet enough that she continued to kiss me and whisper “Baby!!” over and over again until she begin her cute high pitch “ow ow ow” that showed that she was well on the way to cumming again!! I felt like I was in pussy heaven and instead of lasting my usual 25 minutes or so of sex, blew my load with such a huge rush in only 15 minutes before I collapsed on top of her for about 30 seconds and I couldn’t even move.

I was exhausted as I realised that it was hard work pushing into such a tiny pussy!! I began to withdraw, but her pussy had clamped so tight that I thought that I was going to be stuck there for awhile! So, I continued to very gently kiss her lips and caress her and she whispers “Thank you, you are so gentle with me!” She finally released me and I pull her down to the end of the bed and very gently DATY her again for the next 5 minutes until she came in a big rush… her alarm went off, signifying that the hour was up, I glanced at my watch and it was true, it was just over an hour. However, I continued to tease her very gently until she stopped me by holding my face and kissing me while drawing me up next to her. She continued to lay in my arms and kiss me while we caressed each other. I discovered that I had made a wonderful connection with her as I slowly and gently LFK her until I realised that 80 minutes went past and she still hadn’t moved to kick me out to the shower!!! I wonder how long she would have laid there kissing me if I didn’t have to go to work? With huge regret, I got up and stood by the bed as Michelle reluctantly stood up next to me… I bent over and picked her up in my arms, kissed her which resulted in a burst of laughter on her part and we hopped into the shower to get cleaned up. After we dressed, Michelle made the comment that she loved how kind and gentle I was with her… (Punters take note!!)and I walked out into the early morning cold, warmed up by my memory of a most memorable first punt at 42G as I then tried to get to work on time…


Michelle is a true little pocket rocket! She really surprised me with the lack of artificial lube as she was super tight.

Michelle is a real sweetheart!! She kept cuddling me and kissing me and thanking me for being so gentle with her.

Thank you 42G, Gary in particular for recommending Michelle.

Thank you Michelle for being one of the best, ever.

Gentlemen, a few reviews have indicated that she is a bit stand-offish, yet I never encountered that at all, YMMV, but if you go the very gentle route there’s no reason you wont get your kindness reciprocated!