Services Provided : BBBJ, 69, DATY, FS, GFE

This is my first review, I have seen some absolute rippers … I have read those of Brothelcreeper, Assandlegs, Speechwriter and more. I think I have taken what I consider the best of everyone and I hope you enjoy. I had called 42 earlier in the day and booked Hina, the 19 year old Japanese girls that everyone seems to book out, but I have read sweet fuck all about on the forum. I managed to book her very last slot of the evening which was 8pm (Hina finishes at 9pm). Found myself on the way to 42 early evening, my GPS was telling me that my ETA was 7.45 pm. Rocked up to 42 at that time and decided to go straight in. I was met and greeted by the manager, Jesse who asked me who I had booked and I told him Hina at 8.. Jesse looks at me and asks me a straight out question “What kind of girl are you looking for?”, I told him of what my expectations were of a 19 year old offering diamond service.

Jesse looks me in the eye and explains “Hina is a genuine 19 year old, inexperienced girl… from the sound of it, I think you should meet Hazu…. Both are ready now, I will introduce you to both girls and then you can decide.”
Firstly, in walks Hazu, about 165cm tall, in a white see through negligee and contrasting black lingerie.. and a set of sparkly killer heels that brought her up to nearly as tall as me! She is Tokyo House trained and just OOZED sex appeal !!! I
greeted her with a light kiss (after wiping the drool off my fadce that is!!) and was greeted bu a beautiful smile.
Secondly, in walks Hina.. very small, bare feet, giggly and I cant even remember what she wore.. it wasn’t to memorable and looking at her reminded me of going to see your girlfriend at the comfortable stage of the relationship… I looked at Jesse and said, Hazu please……

Jesse shows me to one of the millions of rooms that are spread around 42… the place is like the tardis… and I sat down and waited for Hazu to arrive. A soft knock on the door then opened to reveal the same stunning beauty I met earlier. I
started to blush and Hazu laughs lightly and gives me a very soft, gentle kiss. I help her make up the room, took the towels from her and hung them up near the shower. Hazu walked up to me in her heels and very slowly put her hands around my shoulder and one on the back of my head and slowly drew me down for some LFK. About 10 minutes later, I start to get undressed with her help and finally I was nude and Hazu is still standing there in front of me in all her lingerie..

I was rock hard, Hazu smiles and asks me in perfect English “Would you like to undress me?” would I? Fuck yeah!! I slowly draw her negligee up over her head and this revealed a slim, fit, athletic girls with abs to die for! I then drew her panties
down, ever so slowly over her hips to reveal a completely bare, shaved pussy… I couldn’t help myself, I kissed my way down her abs and slowly flicked my tongue around the outside of her pussy… I reached to feel and fuck me, she was so wet already!! I looked up andlocked my eyes on hers… Hazu has a sweet smile of anticipation on her face. I reach up and undid her sexy bra to reveal a perfect pair of B’s that suited her body perfectly… man, I had perfection in front of me and I was about to have my wicked way with her!!!

After we showered, Hazu asked me to kneel on the bed and I did so with anticipation, she leaned over to try and turn the heater on, it was bloody freezing tonight! But watching her bend over to reveal that perfect peach to me got me so worked up, I gently grabbed it and began to lightly kiss her ass… I then asked her to roll onto her back and I started with a session of DATY and found her to be super responsive!! My technique must be ok because her pussy juices became the thick, syrupy juices girls get when they are super horny and ready to fuck! Hazu was holding the sheets with both hands and started to shout in Japanese… I kept this up for about 10 minutes trying to get her to cum.. finally I stopped and Hazu sat up, her hair was everywhere, she looked me in the eye and said that was the best because I started so very gently and slowly got harder and faster!! Bullshit I thought, I told her I was trying to make her cum and she laughed and said she came so many times and she was shouting in Japanese that she came… I realised I should have seen the signs, but I am not used to a girl who cums so quickly, Hazu laughed and said I had the softest tongue and my teasing her pussy pushed her over the edge very quickly as guys usually dont worry to try to build her up like I did.. fuck I was proud of myself… and rock hard!!!

I asked Hazu for a session in 69 and she readily agreed and I got to have that pussy grinding on my face while she geve my rod a good going over… her technique is very soft and erotic.. Hazu seems to enjoy a good rimming and I did a bit of DD on her as well.. she liked it enough to position herself to accept a bit of harder DD !!! I tap her leg and she turns around and starts to DFK me to within an inch of my losing consuousness.. she does a bit of a pussy slide and I ask her to get a condom .. Hazu smiles and says that she wants to share one of her Japanese condoms with me.. Hazu hops on top and rides me in cowgirl… her pussy is very tight!!! I flip her over and finish off the session in mish. About 10 minutes to go, I am resting and Hazu has her head on my chest… she begins stroking my rod and soon had him hard again, she smiles and said “69? I like your tongue!” I agreed and she soon had me bucking and shouting and she soon started to grind her pussy on my face again!! Finally, her alarm went off, and we completely ignored it for the next 5 minutes while she enjoyed my services while trying to get me to blow again… after she finished grinding, I tap her and tell her that I would need another 15 min to cum.. lets shower… Hazu giggled and turned her alarm off, we were already 10 min over.

We shower, we LFK/DFK in the shower and Hazu asks me to come and see her again… she is leaving soon and her last day at 42 before she returns to Japan in the 16 Jul… I am devastated.. Hazu said she will return in our summer but, guys, you need to go and enjoy her while you can.. she is here for only another week or so!!!

I would highly recommend Hazu as one of the best girls I have ever had!! Go and enjoy while this beauty is here!!!