Work Opportunity

♥ Attention Ladies: Want to make an average of $4000-$12000 a week? Want to reach $1,000,000 dollars in between 3-5 years? We are the only brothel in Sydney who offers this program.

♥ What are we looking for ??
Age: 18-28 years old
Size: 4-10
Nationalities: Any welcome. We mainly focus on Australian girls, although we also hire Japanese, Korean, Chinese, American, European, Southeast Asian and Thai.
Visa: Citizen, Permanent Resident, Student visa, Working holiday visa holders are welcome.
You must follow your visa work restrictions.
Tourist visa is NOT accepted.
Strictly NO DRUGS. Unlike 99% of other big Australian brothels, we do NOT tolerate ladies using any drugs. Any instances of drug use will result in immediate termination of employment.

♥ Why Us ???
We offer the highest girls’ rate in this industry, out of all the 400 legal brothels in Sydney. Girls get higher per job, than any other shops in entire Sydney, and we are also fortunately the busiest. 99% of other Aussie shops and Asian shops only offer $500-1000 a day, our top performers daily makes $1000-3300 each. We are the only brothel in the entire 400 brothels of NSW where top girls consistently make $2000-3000++ a day, easily twice or three times all of the other Australian brothels.
We do 25% higher rate to ladies than most of our competition – the ladies’ cut is $170-220 per job. Shop cut is $50-$80 per job.  8-12 customers per day per lady translates to $2000-3000 per day after tips. Most other shops, especially the city CBD shops, only offer $500-1000 per day.
And yes, we have more customers than other so-called “busy shops” – ask any of our girls and they will tell you it is busier here than 99% of other shops in Australia.

♥ I am already working in another big Australian (or insert any other nationalities here) shop – why should I move?
To make better money. Why would you work in a shop that can not guarantee best money in Sydney? We are a mixed shop, and we limit the number of girls working from each nationality every day – to ensure every girl makes good money. Most other shops don’t impose a limit – For example in a popular Aussie shop in the CBD, there could be 35 Australian girls all similar types working a day, and only around 100 customers a day. Resulting in every girl getting only 0-4 bookings a day on average. In our place, not only we have double the number of customers, around 150 customers per day on weekdays and 250 customers per day on weekends. every nationality has a limit – for example, today there’s already 5 Australian girls between 18-21 years old, we don’t let more come to ensure everyone makes more than 8-12 bookings and go home with at least $1000-$3000 each. We have a big team and everyone’s mission is to make sure every good girl getting $1 million in 3-5 years, and that’s why our shop is more popular amongst girls.

NO other shop in Sydney can offer $1 million per 3-5 years for most of their ladies. Only us.

NO other shop has 150-250 customers a day. Only us.

♥ How did we manage to achieve this milestone?
We believe in fairness – most traditional brothels offer a 50-50 share between management and service providers. We do 30-70 in favor of service providers. Girls get more, and in return we expect utmost professionalism.
We have a dedicated and experienced management and support team who shared a common vision with a strong work ethics.
We have Australian style service shops, Asian style service shops, and mixed shops: we can provide you with consultation on which premises are best suited for you. We utilize integrated online rostering for all of our shops so there are no overcrowding of girls and you are guaranteed to be advised of which shops are understaffed so it’s always time-efficient for you.
All of our premises are surveillance with CCTV available. You can see customers before they see you, privacy and security is 100% assured.

♥ We have a legion of repeat loyal clients due to our impeccable reputation as one of the most famous Gentleman clubs in Sydney. Go to any review websites – we still rank top 3 in all of them.

♥ Remember Girls !!! Our rates are the absolute highest in all of Sydney. No other brothels in Sydney has ever matched our girls’ pay rate. You can expect to make $1000-$3300 per day depending on your hours and looks and services.

♥ Newcomers with no experience are welcome. Our well-equipped support teams will teach you what to do including
→What to wear and how to do your make-up
→How to talk to different kinds of customers and keep the good, easy customers coming back.
→How to perform the services on different type of the customers
→How to do health checks
→How to handle issues and problem with customers
→How to manage your finances and stay on track

♥Returning professionals are also welcome. We offer a 4 year 1 million dollar program in which depending on your needs and ambitions we can guide you through how to achieve an earnings of 1 million dollar in less than 4 years. Some girls have achieved this in only 2.5 years and 3 years, however for most girls it will take 4 years. This is a very rigorous program and will need utmost professionalism and better than average people skills. We can happily guide you through all this.

♥ This Is it !!!
♥ Ladies you can afford the world now !!!
♥ No more worrying about that mundane job that you are tired of!!!
♥ Everyday is a fun day with us !!!
♥ Trust is the key in this industry for longevity !!!
♥We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Contact  0498100011 to arrange an interview. Text your age, height, weight, and pictures and allow less than 24 hours for a callback.