This early morning finish work thought y not go for a punt, so book with gary for 430am with a new gal call baby
I saw her last time even thought it’s only a glimpse I thought y not.
Arrive on time and pay for 1hr diamond n sat in the room for baby to arrive.

When she come, I was little disappointed.

She not as hot as I imagined with a glimpse from far away.
But she not too bad, just plain and the turn off part is she too skinny.
For the bros who love skinny girl definitely fit ur likely.

But by saying that her service is definitely good, definitely not a newbie
She use to work in China b4 and only been here 4 days so that mean limited English.


Bodyslide in shower and fully wash you clean.

She performed a massage on your back b4 she start the service.

She ask you to get on ur all four and rim you from behind and play with your balls and then she will roll on to her side and slide under you to give u a bbbj.
She can suck for a very long time
When I said for a long time I mean over 30mins without hesitate.
We then did some sex with few position but I guess I’m too tired just don’t want to cum so she suggests to bbbj me again till I cim.
Which cim is on the menu, but end of the session just couldn’t get over the line..

She felt really bad and told me she never gave any customer cant cum.
I told her I’m just tired will definitely come back next time.

My conclusion for her.
Service is top, willing to please
All diamond service on menu
For bros who love skinny girl a wise choice